Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique developed by Dr Mikao Usui in the mid 1800’s and is still widely used today to help relax the body,calm the mind and generally recharge the batteries. A Reiki treatment also gives you a great nights sleep!

.Life today is moving fast, clients say increasingly that they are ‘on call’  24/7 and have to be available to the demands of their phones and emails.They are exhausted and their batteries are constantly running on low. Reiki is an extremely effective way of recharging those batteries.  The benefit of learning Reiki for Beginners is that you can recharge your own batteries every day by using the hand positions taught in class.

Reiki for Beginners teaches how to use Reiki, primarily for yourself but also for family and friends.

You will learn the History of Reiki

The seven hand placements that improve the flow of energy and recharge those batteries!

Finally you will learn about Reiki and its benefits in day to day life

By Sunday you will give and also receive a full Reiki Treatment

You will receive a Course Manual and on completion a Reiki Certificate.

A follow up meeting will be held within a month to answer any questions and to give and receive a full Reiki Treatment

Clontarf Castle (Norman Suite)

1030-5pm each day

Cost 200 euros



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