“The day I was diagnosed with breast cancer I felt my world crumble down around me, I was filled with such fear, dread & uncertainty. I attended Caitriona 2 days before I started my chemotherapy & from the time I walked into her rooms I felt I was wrapped in security like a mother would comfort her child. I believe that was the beginning of my healing because for the first time since I was diagnosed my mind CALMED. After my next visit to Caitriona I woke that night & automatically would feel my breast for the tumour & was amazed that it felt so much smaller. When I attended the hospital a week later to see my Oncologist she was amazed & arranged a scan. The scan confirmed that the tumour had shrunk, I had only had one session of chemo at this stage. On my third visit to Caitriona she initiated me to Reiki to enable me to help heal myself. It was the most amazing experience I have ever felt and it was at this stage that I felt I took control of my cancer and would use the Reiki on myself every day especially on the days I was very sick from treatment.  For the whole time of my treatment I never got an infection & my blood counts never dropped.


receive Reiki treatment, CLontarf, Dublin

My Reiki retreat

I continued to attend Caitriona over the next year & always felt she was on the journey with me through my cancer. She is the most warm kind hearted no nonsense person you could meet & is so passionate about Reiki without all the flowery language that some people use, she believes it wasn’t her but the power of Reiki that was helping my body cope with the harsh treatment of chemo, radium & medication, to me that was very important & made sense. I would love in the future that Reiki could be used in the Oncology wards to help others. I will always be so grateful to Caitriona she is one special lady & I say a prayer for her every night for coming into my life when I was so sick. I’m so happy to say I am so well & that’s thanks to Caitriona & all the hospital staff, so a big big thank you from a wife, mother, friend & cancer survivor.”

 Annie Burke


“I am delighted to recommend Caitriona and her Reiki Treatments.

I initially booked a Reiki session with Caitriona to help me restore physical movement in my shoulder.

In my Reiki garden

Perched in my Reiki garden

Any thoughts of uncertainty about my appointment soon gave way to a safe and relaxed feeling on meeting Caitriona. Within a few minutes of the session start I was very relaxed and began to feel heat gently moving into my arm and up into my shoulder. As the session progressed I noticed myself drifting into a deep state of relaxation. There seemed to be a flow of energy moving through my full body. At certain times of the session this energy would stop and then as if by magic it would reappear in a different area.

I later came to understand that this movement of energy is vital for our daily health and recovery from illness.

Most of us do not know how to bring this energy into our body and I am grateful to Caitriona for sharing her healing techniques with me. I also found that her sessions help to restore balance to not just my body but also my occasionally racing mind.

I always benefit greatly from a Reiki session with Caitriona.

Tony Lawless



at my Reiki treatment suite“I have been attending Caitriona Doyle for Reiki treatments since the summer of 2002 when she was recommended to me by a friend.  I had been going through a particularly difficult and lonely time in my life having just lost both my parents and really needed something to help me cope with the grief of them no longer being around.
Although almost eleven years ago I can still remember the warmth and comfort from the first session I had with Caitriona.
Though having never met her previously I immediately trusted her and looked forward to weekly Reiki treatments at the old Walmar centre.
Reiki with Caitriona was fundamental to healing my grief, helping me find balance and giving me the strength to move forward.  Her holistic and practical approach gave me coping mechanisms for every area of my life; personal, home and work.

Through the treatments I gained a real understanding of Reiki and went on to study Reiki levels, I, II and III under the tuition of Caitriona, where I met many lovely people.
Though trained myself, I continue to attend Caitriona as a client. Sometimes needs must! Very little comes close to the warmth, comfort and safety of her room at the end of the garden on Castle Avenue, listening to the chimes blowing in the wind…..

 Deirdre McDonald


Caitriona Doyle has really had a very positive impact on my life. 7 years ago I first visited her for my first Reiki treatment. Although a bit nervous as to what it entailed she quickly put me at ease with her friendly, welcoming

Reiki training location

Reiki Training Location

and caring approach. Her Reiki treatments were instrumental in helping me find clarity, focus and direction both from a personal and professional point of view. I returned to her several times for Reiki treatments in the following years and thoroughly enjoyed every session leaving happy, calm, energised and positive about the future. I recently completed level 1 and level 2 Reiki with Caitriona which were both carried out in the beautiful setting of Clontarf Castle. Both courses were carried out over a weekend and were so uplifting and life changing and I would highly recommend Caitriona as both a Practitioner and as a Reiki Teacher’.

Sharyn Mee


“I have been attending Caitriona for Reiki on a regular basis for 3 years now. Initially I attended with lower back pain which was eased greatly with Reiki after just one session. I was both fascinated and intrigued at the results of Reiki and have attended regularly since and have completed Reiki Level one with Caitriona. As a practising psychotherapist I am a huge advocate for the importance of self care and Reiki would be top of my list for this. In addition to the physical benefits I feel with Reiki a session with Caitriona allows me to take the time needed to relax and sharpens my focus. I find the treatment works very well for me on a physical and emotional level and I find that Caitriona’s way of working is empathetic, non intrusive and non judgemental.

Reiki Treatment Retreat

Reiki Treatment Retreat

The environment that Caitriona provides is warm, relaxing and very welcoming. On arrival for a session Caitriona takes the time to ask about your well being and offers detailed feedback and observations after each session as well as giving time to answer any queries or concerns I may have. I would highly recommend Caitriona both as a Reiki therapist and as a Reiki teacher, her passion for practising and teaching is both palpable and infectious.”

Emma Kelly


Reiki session“Caitriona’s passion for Reiki comes across in her work. She is delicate and respectful of her clients. Caitriona also has a strong intuition which facilitates her work and brings a depth that may not be there with other practitioners. Caitriona has a desire to bring Reiki in its’ pure form to the current Medical Model in order to further promote healing and encourage more acceptance and understanding of Reiki and its’ benefits.

Her integrity and lack of ego in her work allows her to avoid the unnecessaries that can sometimes be attached to Reiki and other alternative therapies.

At a core level, I have a deep trust in Caitriona and the way in which she practices. From a personal and professional perspective, I would not hesitate in recommending an individual to her who is interested in experiencing a Reiki session or who would like to complete training in the teachings and practice of Reiki. Her warmth, openness and intelligence are an enormous asset to Reiki. She is someone that the teaching and practice of Reiki should be very proud of.”

Psychologist in Private Practice


“I’ve been going to Caitriona for the last 18 months now and I have to say that I really love it. Having been introduced to her from a friend and having been a little sceptical of what Reiki can do, I am really happy with the experiences I’ve had. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I could not recommend her highly enough.”

Susan Hession


“I am ever so grateful for Caitriona Doyle crossing my path and teaching me Shanti/Peace, Harth/Love, Johre/White Light. She has a wonderful way of teaching the Reiki values, and taught me how to share and impart my newly learnt knowledge to others.”

Noreen Stacey


“From the very first session of Reiki my life started to change. Caitriona’s genuine love and understanding of Reiki,

reiki treatment, 1st hand position

1st Reiki hand position

her ability to transfer the energy of Reiki and to share her spiritual gift of healing to all her clients is nothing short of a miracle. Through Reiki sessions with Caitriona I was able to take that time for myself, once a week, to relax from my busy life.

Over a three year period I completed my three levels of Reiki Training with Caitriona where I met like minded people and gained an understanding and ability to use Reiki on myself, my family and friends. Reiki with Caitriona rocked my world. Healing began. Caitriona unique style is open, friendly, fun-loving and she is dedicated to you and your journey. She is a light to guide you on your road when darkness falls. Sometimes in life we are searching, for something we don’t know, something that is missing.

Reiki with Caitriona is that something.

I wish you good journey.”

Melissa Monks


“I value self development and healing on a personal level and on a professional level in my work as a Psychologist. In my continual effort to increase my self awareness I’ve engaged in personal therapy, meditation and Reiki. Reiki offers me something different and in some ways more valuable than therapy and meditation. I’ve received Reiki a number of times from Caitriona and it has each time gently brought my attention to core issues within my being that needed some care and healing. Caitriona’s style is both warm and professional. This combination inspires trust and a feeling of being safe and held. During the Reiki sessions I’ve had with her I feel at peace with myself in a way that I rarely felt through therapy or meditation. The beautiful music selected by Caitriona and played in the background during the Reiki session really awakens parts of me that has been suppressed. Her style of Reiki allows me access to my body’s knowledge by way of raising suppressed feelings. This combined with Caitriona’s guidance illuminates a path toward healing. I have experienced other styles of Reiki before and while they were beneficial, Caitriona is the person I return to again and again. What she offers is unique and very precious.”

Dublin Psychologist


“A Reiki session with Caitriona is a wonderful experience, it will infuse you with pure love and tap into your true being. She is a great healer and listener and her energy is so uplifting. She is inspirational and you will be so much more in tune with yourself after your session. Thank you Caitriona for your integrity, sincerity and your care.”

R Murphy xx


“I first heard about Reiki through a friend of mine and she put me in touch with Caitriona Doyle. I had a few unresolved issues from my past and she felt the Reiki could help me emotionally. I was a bit sceptical at first but Caitriona was so good at putting me at ease, explaining how Reiki worked and what I could expect. I felt very ‘safe’ about opening up to her. She’s really non-judgmental and caring, so much so that after a couple of sessions I felt as if I’d cleared a lot of baggage and inner guilt. Anyway, I was so impressed with her and the way she ‘lives’ Reiki that I went on to study Reiki with her and I now have clients that I treat myself.

Caitriona is a real inspiration to me and I’m very glad that I took up that first Reiki session. I would thoroughly recommend her, especially if you feel you need some deep emotional healing as I did.”

Pam Vicary, Spain



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  1. Ah Caitriona it worked today you must have done a bit of reiki on the site!!! I am so proud of you. & so lucky that you were with me through my cancer love you loads Annie xxxx

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