Reiki Practitioner Module


Reiki Federation Ireland Practitioners require this module in order to practice Reiki professionally in Ireland.

This Module is also required for Reiki Practitioners to be included in requests to Health Insurance.


A minimum of 14 hours supervised training by a Reiki Teacher is necessary for this module.  The training includes:

  • Review of Level 1 & 2 ReikiIMG_0097
  • Duty of Client Care
  • Professional Conduct
  • Clinical Practice
  • Membership of a Professional Body
  • Continued Professional Development
  • The importance and practice of Self Care
  • Health & Safety & Fire Regulation
  • Case Studies (minimum of 16 hours hands-on healing plus 4 hours recording notes)
  • A minimum of two follow up meetings (minimum 2 hours) specific to the Reiki Practitioner Module  is necessary between 3 weeks and 6 months, to include questions and answers, opportunity for the group or individual to share their experience and the giving and receiving of Reiki.
  • This Module may be taught in a Group or through a Mentoring System where Teachers teach and mentor students on a one to one basis.
  • It can be taught after level 2 and before level 3 or a student can complete level 3 and then decide to use Reiki professionally and come take the module then.

The Reiki Practitioner course certifies the student as a Reiki Practitioner.  It is up to the student to also complete First Aid, Anatomy & Physiology, Tax Returns and Health & Safety & Fire Regulations as part of this module.

One thought on “Reiki Practitioner Module

  1. Hi I have done my Reiki 1&2 , do u have such classes to practice what ive learned. To take in reiki 2 is a lot as I had 5 in my class and everything takes so much time and im i know ppl need to practice it -as we all said it leaving our attunement – before they can be confident about putting strangers up on a plint and applying healing which I would consider irresponsible!

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