Reiki Level 2

The content of Reiki 2 is the Reiki Symbols and sending Distant Reiki.

Many of the Reiki Symbols are Japanese Kanji which means they are words from the Japanese language.

The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui designated four symbols in his system of Reiki practice. Three of these symbols are taught in Reiki2 and how to use them.

P1080655Reiki Symbols are pictures, images that connect us to consciousness, to the Energy of the Universe which is the Source of Reiki Healing. Your Reiki 2 initiation connects you to the energy of the symbols. The symbols also strengthen and give versatility to your Reiki practice.

Another use of the symbols is to send Reiki long distance, that is someone not physically present with you.  Again, a total affront to the rational mind!  But not so strange really. Many of us would light a candle or say a prayer for someone not present with us, who may be unwell or going through a tough time.  That prayer or candle is a way of connecting with them and wishing them well. It’s an expression of kindness and love. Distant Reiki is the same concept.

The hand placements for all three levels of Reiki are the same.

Again Reiki 2 is taught over two days with a follow up meeting within a month to talk about your experience of Reiki and to ask any questions that are on your mind.  We will also give and receive a Reiki treatment and receive your Reiki Certificate.

One thought on “Reiki Level 2

  1. Hey Cathriona how you long time no touch hope life is treating you well.. all good here just seeing if your still tidying reiki level two training thanks million Ciara ps still always so greatful you were one of my earth angles sent to me x

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