Reiki in Health



Reiki doesn’t treat illness.  It helps create balance within the system helping you maintain healthy functioning.

I’ve learnt through clients who have been given a chronic illness diagnosis the shock it is to their system. So healing is necessary in more ways than one.  Obviously they need medical intervention to heal their illness. They also need time to come to terms with the shock of their diagnosis. They need something that will help balance the side effects of medications and the medical procedure (pain, nausea, fatigue). They also need kindness and to feel loved.

Reiki does a wonderful job in providing quiet, steady support while they are going through this.  By totally relaxing their body and mind it creates the environment for their body’s own natural healing to take over while also calming the nerves and the emotions associated with the shock of their illness.

Buddha in my Reiki garden

Perched in my Reiki garden

I remember a few years ago when my father was ill the surgeon saying that each time he had a setback there was yet another drug they could give him, but the effectiveness of the drugs depended on ‘the juice in his tank’.  The juice he was talking about was my dad’s dwindling life energy.

The source of Reiki is Universal Life Energy, that is the Energy that gives life to everything that has life, and if you are having Reiki to support you throughout your illness this is the Energy your Practitioner is drawing in and passing on to you to help strengthen that underlying ‘ juice in your tank’.

Reiki will support any medical procedure and medical treatment.

Most medical experts say stress is the underlying cause in a lot of illnesses, so it’s helpful to use Reiki to stay well, or, of course, during an illness.

Without exception any of my clients who went through the shock of a cancer diagnosis said Reiki took away the paralysing fear that they felt after being given the diagnosis.  Although the diagnosis hadn’t changed, their mind felt calm and they felt better able to cope.  Reiki was their oasis after, sometimes, painful medical intervention, and it humanised what they were going through. They felt more positive because of it, so that can only be a good thing.

As already mentioned Reiki brings balance to the system so, of course, it is helpful in a wide range of conditions such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Depression, Nervous System Disorders. There are varying degrees of results, each treatment is subjective.  However when surgery is over it’s up to the body’s own healing to take over, as was evidenced by my hand injury.  Reiki infuses the body’s healing mechanism.

Very obviously Reiki is not a cure all, but in any illness it supports the body through the healing process. Reiki is gentle and it just makes people feel better.

Because of the obvious advantages I would love to see Reiki offered by GP’s, hospital or medical staff generally as part of the overall plan in a patient’s healthcare.

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