My Reiki experience

 It was eight years ago, after an accident I had (a palm laceration) that I also experienced the value of Reiki in healing the physical body.

IMG_0045_pp I fell on glass resulting in a palm laceration to my right hand. I got forty stitches to my palm, severed nerves from the wrist to the top of my thumb and index finger and had a muscle removed from between those fingers. Medical prediction was that at my age (mid forties) the nerves would never fully re-grow to the tips of my fingers again and it would be a year before life got back to normal.

Many things contributed to my healing – great surgery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, reflexology and I did six hours Reiki daily into the wound. I did this by placing my left hand over my wounded right one and gave it Reiki.  I had absolutely no idea how Reiki could help, if at all. 

As I practised each day I began to observe the sensation of Reiki in my hand, it was a strong throb and the longer I practised the stronger and warmer the feeling got. At the same time the physical pain also increased. The Reiki was moving with the pain and frequently reached such a pitch I felt close to passing out.   Blindly trusting I had to hope that this was contributing to my healing. I just had a gut sense it was because of the constant sensations and tingling in the wound whilst giving it Reiki.   

As the weeks went by and I continued the Reiki daily I began to feel the now very familiar throb move out of my palm and down towards my fingers. This to me was a result.  I eventually connected the dots and realised that where I stopped feeling the tingling and throbbing was the point to where the nerves had re-grown. I still didn’t know if this rated medically of course.

During this time also, I learned that Reiki, as it moved through the physical body, did so through the nervous system.  This non-physical energy had an obvious physical effect on my hand. I could show my Occupational Therapist the point my nerves had re-grown way before the expected standard time.

 At first the medical staff said that it was impossible for the nerves to grow that fast. However, after three months and further tests the surgeon asked me what my healing was and why it was so far ahead of other patients whose hand injuries hadn’t been as serious as mine and who were on heavy medication.  I described the above, and whatever the surgeon’s personal opinion, he simply couldn’t discount the speed and quality of the physical healing he saw before his eyes.  Without a doubt Reiki accelerated the healing of my injury.

Also at that time many people said that my speedy recovery was due to my positive attitude, and maybe there was truth in that, but on the days that I felt low and extremely sorry for myself and even chocolate struggled to help, Reiki still  pulsed through my hand and was not in any way dependant on the state of my mind or my belief.  Reiki worked regardless.

Much to medical amazement I was back working within five months and over the next year and a half had full nerve re-growth.

No book could have given me this experience, so needless to say it stimulated my interest in Reiki as part of physical healthcare and I now use it frequently on myself and my clients for that purpose.


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