Havening Testimonials


For nearly all of my life I have had a huge fear of blood.

I had an operation when I was 4 years old and had a bad experience where the doctors tried to put a needle/drip into my arm.  They failed to get the vein and had to try again whilst restraining me.  I have carried this fear of needles and blood since then.

I had to have a blood test a few years ago and went into a complete meltdown, crying, fainting, shaking uncontrollably and totally afraid.  I managed to avoid blood tests for a number of years after that but last year again I had to go for one.  The thoughts of it made me really frightened and sick to the bone.

By coincidence the week I was due to have the blood test Caitriona contacted me to tell me she was studying Havening and invited me to come to her to test it out on my fear of blood /needles. I went to Caitriona 2 days before the blood test for Havening.  During the session my fear was brought up and it was scary even thinking about it triggered all my physical symptoms (thumping heart, sweaty palms).  Caitriona did the Havening technique three times throughout the session, by the end of it my fear was gone.  I could recall what had happened all those years ago but it didn’t frighten me at all.

I went for the blood test two days later, I was nervous and afraid that I  would have a meltdown like I had previously.  I told the nurse I was a bit nervous, she was very kind and chatted to me to keep my mind from what was happening.  To not breakdown before I even went into the hospital was in itself a major achievement.  Before I knew it the blood test was done. I was fine, no fainting, crying and getting out of control.  I couldn’t believe it,my lifetime fear was no longer there.  I was called back a few weeks later for another blood test and was again nervous about it, but when I got there, no reaction, I was absolutely fine again.

I cannot thank Caitriona enough for helping me get rid of this fear which in fact had become a phobia. I never thought it was possible.  I would highly recommend Havening for any fear or phobia, it’s an amazing treatment.

Thank you so much Caitriona and Havening you really have changed my life.

Antoinette Kavanagh, Dublin



Before I met Caitriona in November 2015 I was suffering from extremely high anxiety and getting closer to agraphobia which was deeply affecting every area of my life. I was at that time completely oblivious to the massive impact it was having on my life.

Even though I had been living in Dublin for 16 years I avoided getting the bus at all times as close proximity to other people and no room to escape would send me spiralling down in to anxiety. Working with Caitriona has incredibly minimised my anxiety to such a point that I am instantly aware of my thought process when anxiety is threatening to take over and I can now instantly step in and stop the process right there and then and if not then I am able to just sit there without it affecting me.

The improvement is unbelievable. So much so that this year I was able to embark on a 5 hour bus journey changing buses 3 times to get to the Cliffs of Moher for a yoga retreat in December.  I sat on the bus with a BIG smile on my face seeing how far I had come on my journey.  Last year the thought alone would have sent me into a massive anxiety attack.

I am sincerely grateful from the bottom of my heart to Caitriona for her extreme wisdom, guidance, BIG warm heart, understanding and sharing of tips that I shall be using throughout my life journey.  As I am making leaps forward I would HIGHLY recommend working alongside Caitriona for any healing.  I felt the effects with only having 3 Havening sessions.




I received havening sessions from Caitriona Doyle around a year and a half ago. The reason I went to her was to “haven ” some traumatic memories from my childhood which were causing me distress in my adult life. 

The aim of havening, in my case was to disconnect/decrease the negative emotions associated with these memories. Having been through years of psychotherapy, I must say I was skeptical about the results of this treatment- it sounded bizarre- or even too good to be true. 

It was amazing. Caitriona  “havened” a variety of different memories from my childhood. 

She began the treatment by asking me to recall the traumatic memory and quantify on a  scale of 1 to 10 how distressing the memory was. 

She then brought me on a wonderful, relaxing, meditative journey where I was counting steps on a beach, counting sea shells etc  as she rubbed my arms and palms. 

The way I understood it, in very simplistic terms, was that the counting was an activity to distract me. Then, as the palms and arms are rubbed, the brain produces delta waves. These waves are usually only present when you are deeply relaxed or asleep. When the delta waves are present the emotional association that I had with a memory was disconnected.  

A few minutes later I had to call the memory to mind again. It was a very strange feeling- I really tried to bring the feeling around the memory back to mind. But I couldn’t. I still remembered the memory but the feeling around it was irretrievable. After every havening session, the number was reduced, and most of the time it was very massively reduced! 

Receiving a number of havening treatments from Caitriona helped me make hugely significant progress in my healing. I felt extremely comfortable and supported in her therapy room  and her amazing holistic and empathetic approach was definitely very special. I would highly recommend receiving a havening treatment from Caitriona. This treatment is both fascinating and ground breaking in my opinion. 



I attended Catriona Doyle for a number of Havening sessions in 2015/2016.   My issue was the guilt I felt around not wanting to have a relationship with my extremely dysfunctional sister any longer and wanting to rid myself of the terrible guilt I felt around her. I have done a lot of talking therapy around this particular issue but still carried the terrible guilt anger and sadness around it. I think a lot had to do with our mother unwittingly loading me with “take care of your younger sister guilt”   She could be a very cruel, unkind, jealous, angry younger sister whom I needed to sever from the very destructive responsibility I felt towards her and the power she had to make me feel terrible. I had a number of Havening sessions as Catriona describes here and the thing I mostly want to say is how it has taken the power out of the terrible feelings I had around my sister. I finally feel FREE from the feelings I had around her. I have been able to step back from this relationship for me, for my own self preservation. It’s actually quite incredible as I write this to acknowledge in writing just how powerful the process has been for me!!!   I think working with the physical feelings in my body was very powerful for me.  Connecting to this and working with it until it eased/disappeared.  I really found the Havening process very very powerful with the extreme thoughts and feelings I had, they have dropped from a 10 in strength to a 1 or 2 which is so incredible after years of feeling dreadful feelings around it.   I am so grateful to Catriona🙏🏼 She is a beautiful kind energy to work with and stayed with me on this issue until the feelings had really changed.   I would so highly recommend her as a therapist and Havening as a therapy!!!  It has given me great relief and freedom from old feelings which I did not deserve to carry💜
Thank you Catriona💜!!! Love and light
Siobhán Ní Mhochóir