Caitriona Doyle

You’ve heard about Reiki – but you still don’t understand it? Not surprising, Reiki is impossible to explain and can appear quite an insult to the rational mind!  The effects of Reiki, however, are easy to explain. Here’s what clients say.

Reiki takes away their built up stress

• Helps relieve pain

They sleep better

• Feel calmer

• More refreshed

• Less anxious

• And overall, feel well

It’s hard to describe rationally something you cannot see but not at all hard  to explain how you felt after a Reiki treatment. The best stress buster around.

A relaxed client

A relaxed client

receive Reiki treatment, CLontarf, Dublin

My Reiki treatment room

Reiki training location

Reiki Training Location

reiki treatment, 1st hand position

A Reiki treatment

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Cathriona

    its ciara gallagher here how are you its been ao long.. I really want to get back training in Reiki I have neglected this part of my life for too long and have been talking about it too long. just wondering when your next reiki level 1 work shop is in xxxx
    ps I was just telling a friend you were the best earth angle ever sent to me and meeting you and all the help you gave me played a huge roll in the reason I am so happy in.life

  2. Good evening caitriona,
    I have trained in reiki 1 and reiki 2 but still have to do the final one. It is at least 7 years since I last trained and I have practice a bit within that time but I would like to complete it at some stage. Would u recommend a refreshers course?? Also when is ur next course starting and also how much. I’m moving house shortly so it more than likely would be after the move before I’m free. Thank you.

    • Hello Sharon
      Once you are attuned you don’t lose that link to Reiki and your self practice keep that flowing. Whether you need a referesher course or not depends on your confidence with it really. If you wanted to work with Reiki professionally and you felt unsure about certain aspects of it then yes I certainly would pop in to a refresher course. I have no date for Level 3 as yet. If you want more information either email me cdladynada@yahoo.ie or call 0872201618. Good luck with the house move.

  3. Hi Caitriona,

    How are you? I am interested in your reiki & wondered what are your days/hours?
    A million thanks

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