I’ve been practicing Reiki for 15 years now and in that time have met many wonderful Reiki practitioners.   You can meet them too.

On Sun 2 Nov myself and ten women friends are running a charity event for The Irish Cancer Societies ‘Paint it Pink’ campaign in Clontarf Castle (details on  We did this last year and had a lovely morning.

That particular morning our emotions were high because a friend Gussie Boothman O’Connell had just died from breast cancer, in fact she was the reason I ran this event.  She came for Reiki during her illness and it soothed her.

For those of you who might enjoy a fifteen minute Reiki treatment, myself, Noreen, Susan, Loreto, Sharyn and Bairbre will be at your service.  These women are sincere, good fun and you could trust any one of them with your life.  I’m fond of them!!

You can then head out to the foyer for coffee, cake and a chat where you will be looked after by Pippa, warm, a great organiser and keeps me on track!, Lynda taking charge of the donations and always up for a chat, Marjorie and Catherine will make you feel at home and also great girls for the chat. You can’t beat a chat!!

And finally, Annie, who sparkles and is always smiling and has come through breast cancer, and two years on is still smiling.  When you meet her you’ll feel as if you’ve known her all your life.  She will talk to you about cancer, if that’s what you want, or if you want to keep it lighter she’ll go The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing or your gorgeous boots!!  A great girl and an inspiration.

So that’s the crew.  If you can nip in for for ten minutes, or an hour we’d be delighted. Donate what you can, bring a friend, have a Reiki, a cuppa, a chat, or not, if you’d prefer, and know that you are doing a good thing. Funding = research = step closer to a cure.

Thank You

Caitriona & Co

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