Reiki and Cancer

October is Breast Cancer awareness month so I’m passing on a testimonial from Annie in the hope that it will be helpful to someone else.  Annie used Reiki  on a weekly basis as part of her overall healthcare during her months of breast cancer treatment.

“The day I was diagnosed with breast cancer I felt my world crumble down around me, I was filled with such fear, dread & uncertainty. I attended Caitriona 2 days before I started my chemotherapy & from the time I walked into her rooms I felt I was wrapped in security like a mother would comfort her child. I believe that was the beginning of my healing because for the first time since I was diagnosed my mind CALMED. After my next visit to Caitriona I woke that night & automatically would feel my breast for the tumour & was amazed that it felt so much smaller. When I attended the hospital a week later to see my Oncologist she was amazed & arranged a scan. The scan confirmed that the tumour had shrunk, I had only had one session of chemo at this stage. On my third visit to Caitriona she initiated me to Reiki to enable me to help heal myself. It was the most amazing experience I have ever felt and it was at this stage that I felt I took control of my cancer and would use the Reiki on myself every day especially on the days I was very sick from treatment.  For the whole time of my treatment I never got an infection & my blood counts never dropped.

receive Reiki treatment, CLontarf, Dublin
My Reiki retreat

I continued to attend Caitriona over the next year & always felt she was on the journey with me through my cancer. She is the most warm kind hearted no nonsense person you could meet & is so passionate about Reiki without all the flowery language that some people use, she believes it wasn’t her but the power of Reiki that was helping my body cope with the harsh treatment of chemo, radium & medication, to me that was very important & made sense. I would love in the future that Reiki could be used in the Oncology wards to help others. I will always be so grateful to Caitriona she is one special lady & I say a prayer for her every night for coming into my life when I was so sick. I’m so happy to say I am so well & that’s thanks to Caitriona & all the hospital staff, so a big big thank you from a wife, mother, friend & cancer survivor.”

 Annie Burke


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